Monday, September 21, 2015

Superhero's x-ray vision

Every superhero has a special power and our class superheros are no different.  Today we unleashed our x-ray vision super power during our math hour. If you get a chance in the next couple of days have your superhero show off his/her x-ray vision.  

All you need is 10 objects and a cup.  First, line up the 10 objects in 2 rows of 5, one above the other.  Next, have your superhero close his/her eyes or turn the other way or even leave the room so they cannot see what you are doing. Next, take some of the ten objects and hide them under the cup.  Have your superhero use his/her superpowers to "see" how many objects are under the cup.  It's AMAZING!!! Your superhero is able to see right through the cup and know exactly how many objects are under there!!! 

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